How do I post a job on Craigslist?

Many organizations choose to post on Craigslist because it is an inexpensive place to post job openings.

*Note: Before following these instructions, make sure you have saved an Open job listing in your Rise Hire dashboard.

Below are instructions for how to post your job listing on Craigslist:

1. Go to

2. Select the appropriate location for the job based on where the position is located. Once you select a location, make sure the location named at the top of the new page is where you want to post.

3. Click the post to classifieds link in the top-left corner.

4. Select job offered as the type of posting.

5. Select the category that most closely matches the position, and click continue.

6. In some cities, you may be asked to select a subarea (for example, "Manhattan") and a specific neighborhood (e.g. "Lower East Side").

7. In the posting title field, enter the Job Title that you have saved for your position in your Rise Hire dashboard.

8. You will also be asked to enter the zip code for the location of the position. You may also use the “specific location” box to enter a more details about the location, such as a specific neighborhood, district, mall, or other commonly known area in your city/town.

9. In the posting body field on Craigslist, paste the Job Description for your job opening that you created in Rise Hire. *Tip: you can use the “Copy Text” button in the top right corner of your listing in your Rise Hire dashboard to automatically copy all the text for your Job Description.

Note: this step is critically important - use the “Copy Job Link” button from your Rise Hire dashboard to copy the link to your job listing. Then paste this link in the body of your Craigslist Ad and direct interested candidates to “Click here to Apply”.


10. In the contact info box, enter your email address. Note: this step is critically important - Make sure to select the “no replies to this email” option.


11. In the compensation field on Craigslist, enter the compensation for the position (e.g. $15 per hour) or simply enter the word “Competitive”.

12. Select any of the checkboxes at the bottom of the page that apply to your position, and click continue.

13. It is not necessary to add images. Click done with images.

14. You will then view a preview of your listing. Check that the title and body look correct, and that the link to your job listing is pasted within the ad.

15. You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your email address and complete the process of publishing your ad on Craigslist. Follow these remaining instructions to publish your ad.


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